Free patient feedback service with an annual subscription.
Non - subscribers pay only £30. Report guaranteed within 10 working days.

Four steps to starting your patient survey today

    Step 1: Download questionnaire

  • Download the customised GMC questionnaire here (right click the link and select "save link/target as") Please note that you can only use this version of the questionnaire as it has been specially designed to be machine readable. We will not be able to process any other version.
  • Step 2: Print out a test copy

  • Print out a test copy on A4 size paper, make sure that when printing, NO scaling option or auto rotate option is selected. See below for what this means.
  • Check the sheets have been printed cleanly i.e. with no streaking or marks near the answer areas. If this is not the case, try using another printer.
  • Step 3: Distribute to 35 consecutive patients

  • If everything is fine, print out at least another 35 copies using the same printing options you used earlier. Do not use a photocopier for this stage
  • Give the questionnaires to 35 consecutive patients and have the completed forms collected anonymously
  • Step 4: Collect anonymously and post to us

  • Once you have 35 completed forms, put them in an envelope and post them to us
  • Make sure you send your email address / GMC number as well
  • You can either pay £30 by a cheque, made payable to GP Tools, accompanying the forms, or pay £31.50 using PayPal
  • We will send you a report (click here to see example), alongwith scanned copies of your questionnaires within 10 working days
  • Please use only the customised GMC form and do not use a photocopier for step 3. Failure to follow these requirements will cause us to return your forms and payment.
Make sure you use our customised GMC questionnaire
Remove any staples before sending to us
Do NOT use a photocopier for step 3
You may use double sided printing

If applicable:

Make cheques payable to: GP Tools (£30)

Mailing address for forms:

GP Tools
PO Box 66581
London N11 9DQ

or pay using Paypal (£31.50)