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CPD activities using GPTools
The next generation web 2.0 revalidation toolkit

Intuitive Navigation

There are no layers of menus to wade through to get to where you are going. Use the intuitive custom built mega menu to navigate precisely and quickly.

Integrated MSF

GPTools incorporates the final version of the GMC's standard colleague feedback form. Enter the email addresses of your colleagues and click send. Results are anonymised and collated.

Capture Online Learning

Use the ‘bookmarklet’ feature to create a record of CPD from articles you have accessed online. Add notes and a record of time spent as you read.

CPD Areas

Nearly every possible area of your CPD has been included : professional conversation, mentoring, courses, workshops, etc.

File Uploads & Dropbox integration

Upload evidence and link it to your CPD areas. Dropbox integration allows linking to files in your Dropbox folder. Your appraiser will have access to all your local uploads and linked Dropbox files.

Auto Saving

Never lose your data again - as you type your data is unobtrusively and transparently stored using Web 2.0 AJAX technology.

Appraiser Friendly

Oh no, not another toolkit to learn! Don't worry, we've taken extra care to ensure that using GPTools is as easy as using your email. Just dive in, it's built around features that you already know.

Exceptional Usability

Ever wanted more space to write? Our auto expanding text boxes make sure you never run out of it! There are no usability detractors like pop up boxes or clunky menus.

PCO Optimised

Administrators can access completed appraisal forms, allocate appraisers, upload centrally held appraisee documents as well as administration information.