We make revalidation easy

Using the GMC supporting information document as a framework - there are now four main areas which incorporate the following:

1. Personal

2. Appraisal

3. Keeping up to date / CPD / Education

4. Analysing your practice

The discussion with the appraiser is much the same as before with a bit more emphasis on CPD (Keeping up to date) and Quality Improvement Steps undertaken (audits). GPTools also has the ability for the appraiser to comment on learning activities as well as practice analysis
In keeping with the current theme, to supply 'evidence' for what we have listed above, with regards to GPs, the following table was excerpted from the Guide to the Revalidation of General Practitioners by the RCGP. Hopefully, after reading our brief overview you should no longer have any ambiguity about what the requirements for revalidation are. But do let us know if you can think of a way to make things clearer.