What is GP Tools?

GP Tools is a next generation appraisal and revalidation toolkit. It has been designed by working GPs with emphasis on features that Doctors have been asking for. Most notably: ease of use, no layers of menus to wade through, keeping hoop jumping to a bare minimum and speed.

Free paper based patient survey (PSQ)

Other companies can charge in excess of £90 to process your paper patient survey. The GP Tools paper patient survey is completely free with an annual subscription, with the report guaranteed within 10 working days.

Free online colleague and patient feedback (MSF)

While other providers’ online MSF services can be costly and cumbersome to use, GP Tools online Multi Source Feedback services are completely free on both monthly and annual subscriptions. Our dedicated patient survey site does not require you to collect patient emails.

Online learning diary

The GP Tools ‘bookmarklet’ feature enables you to create a record of CPD from articles you have accessed online – copied directly into the CPD area of your appraisal documentation.

iPhone application

Download our free and easy to use iPhone app that lets you access your appraisal documentation when away from your PC. Add entries directly during meetings, conferences, etc. You can even use the inbuilt voice recognition to dictate instead of typing !

Android app

Download our latest Android app that syncs with your GP Tools account and allows you to update your data on the go. Similar in functionality to our iPhone app, you can use voice recognition to dictate your notes.


Never lose any information again. All your data will be automatically, unobtrusively and transparently saved every 15 seconds.

Auto-expanding textboxes

No more scrolling inside small text boxes to see what you’ve written. Just keep typing and the text box will expand around your text making sure everything you’ve typed is always visible.

Upload evidence, attachments and documents

You can easily upload your supporting evidence and attachments to your appraisal areas, and if you desire your PCO can also upload centrally held documents on your behalf. Additionally, when it comes to downloading your documents, with a single click you can download all of them as a single zipped file.


All your data is encrypted with state of the art 256-bit TLS/AES technology. GPTools is located in the UK in a secure and hardened facility. For further details of our security architecture, please contact us. GP Tools will always maintain the highest level of security and safeguards with respect to data.

Learning credits/hours scoring

Want to keep tabs on your progress towards achieving the magical 50 hours/credits a year? GPTools features a fully integrated credit scoring system built around your CPD plan, Learning events and PUNS/DENS.

PDF and Word document export

Export all your data in PDF or Word documents, No messy menus or hoops to jump through. Just point, click and download whatever and whenever you like.

Intuitive appraisal navigation

Your appraisal areas are laid out clearly and methodically. There is no ambiguity over your current status and position within your appraisal documentation, or what the next steps for completing your appraisal are.

Appraiser access

Your appraiser will have FREE access to your forms and can download all your uploaded files in a compressed folder with a single click. Nominate whoever you like to be your appraiser with no restrictions on usage , uploads, downloads, etc. Appraiser access has been FREE since 2010 and will continue to remain so.

Self-governed approach

No one has access to your appraisal unless you given them permission. You may allocate your yearly appraiser yourself, or ask your PCO/Trust to perform the allocation. Select who you want, when you want to be your appraiser.

Pricing and comparison

Toolkit Price Paper Patient Survey Mobile
Online Colleague Survey Online Patient Survey
GP Tools £39.99 Free Free Free Free Free and anonymous
Clarity £60 £35 None None Yes Patient emails required
£120* None None None None None
F-fist £42 £42 None None £42 None

Who can use GP Tools?


GP Tools is a private web site for Doctors’ own personal use only


Do you take money from pharmaceutical companies or any other organisations including CPD providers that could harm your integrity?


GP Tools is not affiliated with drug companies and receives no funding from any organization.


Are you registered with the data regulator?

GP Tools is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act 1988.

How will GP Tools use my personal information?

GP Tools will NEVER sell members contact information.

GP Tools will NEVER use members contact information for marketing purposes.

GP Tools will NEVER contact members except to inform them of important announcements regarding the website.

Can I store patient identifiable information?

Information stored with GP Tools should not include any patient identifiable data

What is the cookie policy?

We use cookies to personalise your user experience and to study how our website is being used. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

What are my rights with regard to the data I store?

You have the following rights:

  • Your right to be informed if your personal data is being used
  • Your right to get copies of your data
  • Your right to get your data corrected
  • You right to get your data deleted
  • Your right to limit how we use your data
  • Your right on data portability
  • Your right to object to the use of your data
  • Your rights relating to decisions being made about you without human involvement
  • Your right to raise a concern